You can now define filters and more delivery channels to receive your our blog posts through Telegram, news page etc..

You dont need to do anything, and youll still get all our posts delivered straight to your inbox, however I just wished to offer you a direct so you do not think its spam!.

Hey good friends, Im rapidly dropping in to let you understand that if you
follow Birds Celebration Blog site by email, youll now receive our article in a slightly different format!

Once once again, if you havent already subscribed to receive our Blog posts by email, you can do so HERE.

And please let me know in the remarks if you have any tips or concepts on how we can improve the services we use here on the blog or what type of material you d like to see more of?

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So, hopefully we can continue to make our celebration ideas, DIY crafts, house decoration and recipe posts come to you in an easy, enjoyable and convenient format that matches YOU!

New Look for Birds Party Blog Feed.
We had to do this because our existing email feed supplier Feedburner, is ceasing their services at the end of July.

With our new service supplier., you have extra features they you can now utilize, which didnt exist on Feedburner.

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