What would a front yard quarantine birthday celebration lack an exceptionally fun and innovative style? We need to state this is our extremely first celebration that has really roared in our faces. Okay not really, but we can notify just from the images that this roaring dinosaur themed birthday celebration was one filled with pleasure and delight. Its time to buckle up and prepare yourself to see a preview into how lovable and distinct this day was.

We found an approach to host loved ones on the street and still have a quite event with a huge installation behind the food table, a 2nd background, and styled vignette for the bar cart that doubled as a picture wall, a terrific offer 3 larger than the birthday woman, a dinosaur pinata and delightful bite-size food that was all in particular grab-a-ble part sizes. The style was dinosaurs since that was the birthday girl wanted and it wound up being the prettiest style and lots of pleasurable to integrate. Auntie Victoria (Owner of Heals Shop) made the sweetest dinosaur attires for the birthday female and her 1-year-old bro (as she does for all their events) and they were too cute!